Open a company locally

Opening a Corporation where the business has to grow has numerous advantages from tax to greater legal security. Companies and distributors prefer to work with a local counterpart.

Company opening // 01

Commercial Start-up. The opening of a company locally makes it possible to work on a par with the interlocutors. Moreover:
- It limits the risks because any disputes do not extend to the parental company and it is easier to create adequate insurance coverage.
-Avoid having to present the accounts of the parental company to the fiscal state agency.


Choose the right option is difficult without an experience in the different fiscal legislation. and every case have to be analyzed from the two side to gain the best advantages of different systems.

Domiciliation Service // 02

Domiciliation Service for the company and Local Agent Service. In order to start quickly with low costs, we are able to find and make available to you offices equipped with all the options necessary to start (Switchboard, Offices, Meeting Rooms, Business Center, Secretariat) all with the formula of payment for hours of use.

The possibility to start immediately with the physical address on your information material and in communications with customers and suppliers.

A telephone line with virtual assistant in the local language can make the difference.

Temporary Manager // 03

Temporary Manager. In addition to a Local Agent service to be sure of receiving important communications to the company our organization can provide managers who support you in the early stages or for medium / long times.


We can enter the board of the company and allow you to operate as a "remote" in the first phase of the Start-up in an effective, economical and rapid manner.


Other services:

  • Market Research.

  • Marketing and Business Plans.

  • Assistance to organize exhibitions.

  • Marketing campaign on target. 

Tax and legal // 04

Tax Management. A very important aspect is certainly the correct fiscal management and we take in consideration the two different system where the shareholders and the controlled company are. 

Legal assistance. The US and Italy/Europe legislations are very different, especially in the commercial and contractual sphere.

Credit Assistance. It's not easy transfer the Credit Score of the parental company to the new Co. The establishment of a good Credit Score (on which we give adequate advice to our clients) have to be created with the right steps The devil it's in the detail!